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Flute Duets

Flute Duets

Johann Chr. Schultze  
Sonata in E Minor for two unaccompanied 
flutes, No.1 (1729) 
1. Andante (Tempo di Sicilliano)  
2. Tempo Giusto 
3. Adagio  
4. Presto

Johann Joachim Quantz 
Duet in D Major for two unaccompanied 
flutes, Opus 2, No.5 (1759) 
5. Allegro 
6. Mesto
7. Allegro di Molto 

Georg Philipp Telemann  
Sonata in D major for two unaccompanied  
flutes, Opus 2, No.1 (1727)
8. Dolce  
9. Allegro 
11. Vivace 

Carl Stamitz 
Duet in A Major for two unaccompanied
flutes, Opus 27, No.2 (1780)
12. Andante
13. Menuetto And Trio
14. Allegro

Joseph Haydin 
Echo for two flutes (ascribed) in G, Edited by
Kurt Walther
15. Adagio
16. Minuet And Trio
17. Presto

Georg Phillipp Teleman
Sonata in E Minor, Fur Zwei Querfloten
18. Allegro
19. Andante
20. Vivace

Ludwig Van Beethoven
Allegro and Minuet for two flutes (1729)
21. Allegro con Brio
22. Minuet (Quasi Allegretto)

Friedrich Kuhlau
Duet in C Major, Op. 80 No.2
23. Adagio Allegro Con Brio
24. Larghetto
25. Rondo Allegro Con Brio


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